Important notice: Because this competition is evolving every time, a number of rules may be added or adjusted in the run-up to this. So always make sure you are aware of the current rules of the competition. If you are not sure, or if rules are unclear or incomplete, please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve your issue.


The CQB League and all resulting facets are the property of Delta Airsoft Events. Both the logo and all photos and other images are owned by these entities. We prohibit the use of the logo, image and sound material without written permission. The right appearance of this brand is important to us and we want to prevent this from being abused at all times.


The 1v1 Tournament is set up with a low threshold, so that anyone can join at any level and any style of play. In addition, it is a straight forward concept with clear and simple rules that can be followed by everyone. Over time, the game rules will be able to be adjusted for the better of the game. So make sure you are always aware of the latest rules of the tournament.

Safe zone

- The Safe zone consists of 3 parts during the competition

- The changing room, which may only be used by participants of the tournament. You can only pass here if you have to use the restroom or go to the second floor to watch a Match. Otherwise, this changing room is not accessible to non-participants during the competition.

- The entrance hall, which can only be used to sign up, register or enter the field. Smoking inside the entrance hall is prohibited during the tournament and can be done outside.

- The canteen, which is accessible to all visitors to the tournament, can be used to get drinks and food. It is forbidden to carry a weapon in the cafeteria. This must be left in the dressing room.

Field boundaries:

- The arena has a clear separation. From entering the arena, the wooden wall in the back, the netting to the right and the wall to the left and back is the playing arena.

-The arena may not be entered without proper eye protection.

-Only staff and contestants who are competing are allowed on the arena floor.

-All spectators and non-playing contestants must be in the designated areas, which are: The second floor, Dressing rooms or in the Canteen.


Field Layout:
-The layout of the field is the official layout of the CQB League and will be used in its current capacity until the organization decides to change the layout for the better of the game and the tournament.

- The field consists of 8 houses which you can move through and past to complete your goal and score points.

- The spawn points are marked by a white line with an A and B and are located on opposite sides of each other in the corners.



- All audience members, including inactive contestants, are not allowed to speak to, give directions to or encourage, in order to prevent players and referees from being influenced or distracted. All non-competing players and spectators must stay in the designated areas which are mentioned in the “Field Boundaries” section.


Game definition:

- This is a one on one sudden death match. Players start on the sound of the buzzer from their respawn point. The aim is to locate and eliminate your opponent within 3 minutes by means of a shot from your gun or by means of a knife kill.

- In a Match, 4 heats are played in a row without a break or refill options. After every 3-minute Heat, one participant wins. At the end of 4 Heats (1 Match) all points are added up and a final score is obtained for both participants. This score is taken into account in the total ranking of the tournament. After 2 Heats, players switch spawn sides. One Match cannot exceed 15 minutes in total.

- At the end of the tournament, the participant with the most points wins. There are first, second and third places to be won in the tournament.


Hit & Callout:

- When you are HIT by your opponent, you may only use the following callout: “HIT! Name”. This means that in addition to shouting HIT!, you also shout your own name. This way the referees know which person has been hit and to which participant the points should be awarded. The referees will be present on the field, but with a maximum distance from the participants, so that they can play their game.


Competitor's starting position:
- As soon as the players enter the field for the Match they will start at their designated spawn. The spawns are marked with A and B. The participant takes place behind the white line and stands ready until the buzzer sounds. There is a Marshal standing by at each spawn to ensure that the player does not cross the line before the buzzer sounds. If this happens, the start will be postponed until the player is in a good position. When the buzzer sounds, both players may leave their respawn point and enter the field to begin their Heat. When a player is hit or when time runs out, the buzzer will sound and players will return to the spawn they were assigned. After 2 Heats, players switch from respawn point.



- The competition consists of several groups. Each group has a maximum of 4 participants. From this group there will be 6 matches which will be played on a group day for that group.

- As soon as one group is full, the next one is opened, which can be filled to a maximum of 4 people.

- When a pool is not full with the maximum capacity, this pool will be canceled and these participants will not be able to participate, provided that enough participants are added to fill the group.


Weapons, Knifes, Ammunition & Limitations:

- There is no limit on a weapon itself. You may use a Pistol, Gas Blowback Rifle, Speed build, Shotguns, HPA Systems, AEG Systems, CO2 Systems, Springers, etc. The only limit is on the use of Sniper Rifles, DRM Rifles, Binary Triggers and Full Auto functions.

- One weapon and one knife are allowed to take onto the field during a match. Weapons may not be changed during the match. After each match there is room to change weapons if necessary. When a weapon failure occurs during a match, the player must switch to his knife and the match must be completed.


Joule limits:

- Your gun is only allowed to shoot between 0.9j and 1.2j according to the Dutch Airsoft regulations. Any gun that shoots below 0.9j is considered as a "Cold Gun" and every gun that shoots above 1.2j will be considered as a "Hot Gun" and will not be allowed into the competition until it shoots within the designated range of 0.9j and 1.2j.


Knife Limitations:

- Knifes must be a rubber training knife with a maximum blade length of 30 centimeters. Knifes may not be thrown. Machete’s and Katanas are prohibited.


- Flashlights are only allowed when mounted on a weapon. These may not be removed or placed anywhere as an extra diversion.



- Grenades are not allowed during the competition.


BB and Magazine limitations:

- A maximum of 250 bb's may be taken onto the field per match. This may be divided over a maximum of 5 magazines. The magazines must be mid or real cap magazines. The use of Hicap magazines and drum magazines is prohibited. Refilling the magazine is prohibited during a match. When you are out of ammunition you have to switch to your knife.


Tracer Units:

- Weapons must be equipped with a tracer unit so that the referees can follow the trajectories of the BBs. Only tracer bb's will be shot during the competition where 0.25g is the only weight allowed.


Bang rule & Face protection:

- There is no bang rule during this competition. We therefore require all participants to wear face protection. This can include a full face mask or safety goggles with a mesh mask underneath. Only a mouthguard or a shemagh is not allowed.



+10 points : Knifekill
+05 points : Gunkill
+02 points : Tradekill (per person)
-05 points : Out of time (per person)


No Shows:

- When a participant is not on time or does not show up for any reason, this counts as a "no show". The participant present will be awarded 6x5 points for this.


Ties and equal scores:

- When there are two participants in a group with the same number of points at the end of the group stage, 1 decisive heat of 3 minutes will be played. 1 point is awarded to the winner to make up the difference. If this winning point ensures that the participant has an equal number of points with the number 1 in the group, the number 1 will still be at the top and this will not change the ranking.



- Where not provided, the organization decides in consultation with the referee.